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Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop

Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop

Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop



Discover the sacredness of connected, intentional intimacy 

and how it can also be

 exciting, sensual and Juicy!

The average  sexual relationship, or sexual encounter, can sometimes be  quite  "routine"- the result being that the average duration of intercourse is only  7 minutes.  Yup, really.

However, here is good news:  If you have a human body, then you  can  have sex last longer and be more fulfilling for both of you.  

In this workshop we will explore the many  ways and possibilities available to you and give you the tools to make it so!

Part 1:   Flow & Ease

Feel safe and empowered when expressing yourself to your partner. 

 How would you like to give?  How would you like to receive?  How would you like to be touched?  How would you like to touch?

Discover techniques and partner practices to make intimate communication natural and easy.

Learn how to express our needs, desires and even your fantasies with your  partner, freely and without shame or judgement.

Explore the difference between "spontaneous desire" and "responsive  desire"

Learn  the "path" of arousal and  orgasm and how each person can differ in this path.   Orgasm  can bring more than a fleeting moment of ecstasy. - It can be more expansive and can keep moving in your body for longer than you ever imagined (yes, hours).  To tap into this energy brings not only bliss but healing on so many levels!

This workshop will give you communication methods that will naturally translate into every aspect and all the relationships in your life - friends, family, and even business relationships.

LUNCH (included)

Part 2:   Blissful Union

Learn how it is possible awaken 11+ different kinds of orgasm (yes, male bodies too!) in yourself and your partner!

You will learn:

* Conscious Somatic Sexual Touch

* The art of Tantric Massage

*Yoni and Lingam massage (video and silicone models)

*Sharing and moving the  energy generated within you during union


$130 for 2 people


Winnipeg, MB

Notebook with instructions and diagrams included, as well as my gift to you -  "Intimate Partner Bliss Kit" 

Information Evening

Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop

Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop



What IS Tantra?

This is your chance to ask questions and get some insight into how Authentic Tantra and Somatic healing can work for you, your relationships and your life.


  • What is involved in a Tantra session (s)

  • Is Authentic Tantra all about sex, or is there more?

  • Why and how are these practices healing?

  • What does Authentic Tantra and Tibetan Tantra have to do with the 5 Elements and the Chakras?

Goddess of Practical Wisdom

Sacred & Juicy - A Couples Workshop

Goddess of Practical Wisdom


  Are you dealing with some of the effects of Menopause, Peri-Menopause, or Post-Menopause?


I can absolutely relate! And I want to share with you some of the successful remedies & practices that I prescribe to my clients and that I myself use to overcome the symptoms and effects of this  hormonal change.

This time in our lives is one that should be celebrated, not suffered!

As mature, experienced, wise and beautiful beings we can truly embody the Sacred Feminine and emerge as  not only the Goddess of Practical Wisdom but also 

the Goddesses of  Embodied Beauty!

In this "Females Bodies Only" event we will be looking the symptoms and effects of Menopause, but more than that, we will be celebrating the magic that is available to us!

So what will this event include? 

Holistic practices, Tantric techniques, and herbal remedies to help reduce, and in some women, even eliminate the symptoms of menopause such as:

  • hot flashes & sweating 
  • lower or no libido
  • moods swings 
  • trouble sleeping
  • headaches
  • vaginal dryness and soreness
  • racing heartbeat
  • all the ridiculousness  this hormonal change can cause! 


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Some highlights and key components of this event:

 Part 1:

* Honoring the Goddess of Practical Wisdom 

* Letting go of self-doubt and Understanding Yourself Better.  No, you are not going crazy!

* Holistic healing methods  for overcoming and healing symptoms and effects, including herbal recommendations and recipes.


Part 2:

Getting Your Sexy Back!

The Path of Arousal and Bliss for Mature Women

  • Orgasmic Awareness
  • Healing Yoni Self-massage

We will close the day with Honoring and  Gratitude

Together, we elder women will share, heal, laugh and support each other, so we can truly celebrate this blessed time in our lives.


Full day event, including light  lunch & refreshments

Yoni Yoga

Tantra for Singles

Goddess of Practical Wisdom



Reflexology points, overcoming incontinence and more!

There is some controversy around the use of Yoni eggs and Yoni balls lately. 

Some women are using them without proper instruction or education.


When used and cared for properly, Yoni balls can be of great benefit to Yoni owners!

Lack of education and awareness around the use of Yoni balls it the issue, NOT the actual use of them. The size and material used for the balls are of great importance, as is the way they are used and the care of the Yoni balls.

In this workshop we will be going over the proper practices involving Yoni balls!  We will also briefly talk about other women’s vaginal health concerns and fads including Yoni steaming, herbal remedies and more.

Did you know that you can improve your health as well as your orgasmic potential with Yoni Yoga?

What IS Yoni Yoga? What are some of the benefits? 

  • Yoni Ball exercises focus on significantly increasing the strength and tone of both the vaginal AND pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the bladder, uterus, and rectum. 

  • According to Taoist practices, vaginal and pelvic floor "tonicity" is a key factor in aging and weight control, as the temperature of the sexual organs is an important factor in regulating the metabolism of fats. A cold genital zone indicates a slower metabolism.
  • The movement of the Yoni Balls inside the Yoni also has the effect of stimulating reflexology points and contributing to the overall organ health of the entire body. As a bonus, strong pelvic and Yoni muscles are essential for enhanced pleasure as they support greater orgasmic ability, intensity, and control.


  • Doing Yoni Ball exercises is especially recommended for women who have given birth to redevelop the muscular tone of the vagina and pelvic floor. They are also recommended before giving birth, as strong and healthy pc muscles may contribute to an easier labor and birthing process. 

  • For mature women in any stage of menopause, they help with the symptoms of this hormonal change including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, pain, and low libido.

  • The energetic quality of Jade or Rose Quartz helps to balance the yin energies of a woman’s body and acts as medicine for the Yoni, having the ability to absorb, heal and transform the negative energy that may be held there. 


Winnipeg, MB

$60 - INCLUDES  20mm  natural crystal (jade or rose quartz) Yoni Balls

  • Please register by filling out contact form.  

Tantra for Singles

Tantra for Singles

Tantra for Singles


People often wrongly assume that you need to be in a relationship to practice Tantra.  This is not true at all!    A relationship, or even a monogamous relationship, is not required to experience and enjoy the energy and the sensuality of Tantra.  

Part 1:

This workshop will give you a" taste of Tantra" and methods for practicing on your own as well as with a partner.  

We will explore the when, why, and how of  intimate encounters and  how to bring Tantra into these experiences for a more conscious and intentional experience.

Part 2:


The second half of this workshop will be a 

"Get to know you" Speed date event!

This is where you will be able to practice using some of the new tools you learned in the first part of the evening.  (And maybe meet someone great! )

Male and female bodies identifying as other genders are encouraged to register

(All information provided is kept confidential)

$25 per person

Refreshments and treats will be served


Goddess of Pratical Wisdom Event

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Goddess of Practical Wisdom

C$ 75.00
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Partner Intimacy Workshop

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"Sacred & Juicy" - Partner Intimacy Workshop

C$ 130.00
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Includes a light lunch, notebook and "Intimate Partner Bliss Kit"

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