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The Tibetan 5 element Teachings

the 5 elements

Through authentic Tantra meditation we can  learn & incorporate  the spiritual side of Tantra. into our lives. 

Authentic Tantra can be practiced sexually AND non-sexually.  

"The word  ‘Tantra” literally means “to weave”. Specifically, in the Vajrayana  tradition, it means  ‘to weave light and sound with form.’  


In this  definition of the word ‘Tantra’, the physical body represents form,  light represents specific visualizations, and sound is represented by  chanting mantric syllables.  


The process of  weaving light and sound with form gives rise to a profound  transformation of human consciousness, and ultimately, the full  realization of enlightenment – which simply means ‘freedom from  suffering’.


According to the training we have received, this  “weaving of light and sound with form” is a defining principle of  authentic tantric practice in the Vajrayana Buddhist Tradition."    ~ IATE

This on-line LIVE course is 6 sessions, spanning 6 weeks and is approximately 30-45 minutes per session.

New Members: $50 for all 6 online sessions

Members (current or past clients or workshop attendees):


* The first course of meditations will be Sunday evenings starting May 5th, 2019


Online Workshops


Online workshops are coming soon!  

"Tantra 101" and "Women's Empowerment" live online workshops will be announced soon!

Learn Tantra online via live video with me - without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Tantra for Your Intimate Relationship



Winnipeg, MB


What do your Yearn for?

This workshop will give you Partner Tantric practices you can begin to use right away that will bring better connection, intimacy and better SEX to your relationship.  

We will explore  how to use our 5 senses (sensuality) to make intimacy and sex playful yet sacred, blissful and healing through Tantric Communication and  Tantric Touch 

You will earn how to activate the energy centres in your body and share this orgasmic energy with your partner for a truly blissful union!

Female bodies are capable of at least 11 different kinds of orgasm and male bodies are capable of at least 8!  I will tell you what these are and how orgasm really works in the body.

These practices support and assist you in opening up to each other with deep connection and communication that will help you BOTH get what you crave - IN and OUT of the bedroom.

$122 per couple

*Please email to indicate your interest in this workshop to be held in March or April 2019

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Tantra for Singles

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

People often wrongly assume that you need to be in a relationship to practice Tantra.  This is not true at all!    A relationship, or even a monogamous relationship, is not required to experience and enjoy the energy and the sensuality of Tantra.  

This workshop will give you a taste of Tantra and methods for practicing on your own as well as with a partner.  We will explore the when, why, and how of  intimate encounters and Tantra. 

We will also be discussing dating in this culture (and in this province) and how Tantra can help with this too!

Polyamorous?  LBGTQ? This workshop is for you too!

Our workshop held on Friday, February 8, 2019 

in Winnipeg, MB was so informative and so much fun! 

The next Singles Tantra Workshop will be in March 2019

* If you are interested in the next Tantra for Singles workshop, please indicate by clicking below to send a message and I will notify you of the next date

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