Intimacy Coaching for Women

Healing and Overcoming issues that involve our sexuality require a safe & confidential environment, and that includes the therapist.  

I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that we can meet and you can ask questions.       

Healing & Transformation


Ignite Your Power Within

Let's talk about The Big "O" and Uniting your Sexuality with your Spirituality

No, your vagina is not broken.  Yes you DO have a G-spot.  Yes Authentic Tantra can heal your emotional stare, your relationships, and your Sexuality!

Orgasm. This function of the body is something that we are all capable of as human beings. Not just a physical response, it is also a function of the nervous system that can be healing, even enlightening. The bliss, the timelessness – that moment of absolute freedom. 

Perhaps orgasm is something you have never experienced. Perhaps you have experienced it as a fleeting moment that is over too soon. 

What if that moment can be extended? What if it can be expansive?  What if that one big “O” could keep rolling, one into the next? 

In fact, our bodies are literally wired to experience this pleasure. There are over 11 different kinds of female orgasm available to us! Unfortunately, for various reasons, many of us have never experienced half of these and some have never experienced an orgasm at all. This is sad, as I believe that conscious, connected and expansive orgasm is the most powerful energy we possess.

Our orgasmic energy is soooo powerful! It can heal our bodies.  It can transform our emotional state and our minds Some ancient masters of lineage Tantra believe that every orgasm can be a “glimpse of enlightenment.” What would you give to experience this? This is our natural state.  So, what holds us back?

Uncover the “blocks to bliss” that may be preventing you from experiencing your full orgasmic potential and in turn, from experiencing more pleasure and joy in every aspect of your life.

Let’s create your very own recipe for unlocking your full pleasure potential and help you to:

  • Repair and deepen your connection to your body
  • Dissolve emotional and physical armoring
  • Heal your heart from past wounding and early life traumas
  • Awaken and expand the 4 forms of pleasure; physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual
  • Develop healthy and enriching relationships
  • Deepen your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Overcome most types of sexual dysfunction such as numbness or lack of sensation, painful intercourse, lack of sexual satisfaction, lack of desire, and anorgasmia 
  • Improve your intimate relationship(s) and learn how to share your orgasmic energy with your partner
  • Develop a Sacred Sexual Practice
  • And much more including how to awaken the many types of orgasm available to you.

Includes Yoni healing balls and the book "Shake Your Soul Song" by Devi Ward-Erickson

Don't put it off any longer!  Start you journey of healing and transformation!

8  Session  Course  

(each  session  is  60-90  minutes )

Through ZOOM Sessions:  $660

At Winnipeg location $860

Please complete course intake form for more  details and to discuss your own personal journey.


Regular Session fees

if you are not ready to enroll in your own personal course, then take a look at these other options.

Typical Session fees, beginning with a Discovery Session

Note:  A sliding fee scale is available for those who are experiencing low income or financial difficulties. Please schedule a consultation.   


Ignite the Power within you BOTH!

 Course #2 Outline:

Learn how to share your orgasmic energy with each other for connection, healing and immense BLISS!
Did you know that men are capable of being Multi-orgasmic?    Men experience wounding throughout their lives too and require healing in order to cultivate Intimacy and in turn open up to multiple and prolonged orgasm.  
You can help your Lover do this.  You will learn the art of Partner Connection & Communication as well as the art of Tantric Massage and Lingam  massage so  together you can experience bliss as you never have before!  

(Completion of Course #1 or multiple sessions is a per-requisite)


Overcoming Addiction

Authentic Tantra can assist you in overcoming addiction.  Porn & sex addictions and other addictions too!  Set up a consultation to discuss further.

Healing Sexual Trauma

Childhood (developmental) trauma, sexual assault, repeated abuse -and other events and situations cause deep wounding and blocks within every human being.  

Each of us respond to traumatic events differently and there is no timetable when it comes to recovery and healing.   

If you need a safe,  non-judgemental and nurturing space, I can provide this for you.  Having experienced these traumas and healing myself from within, I am not speaking from a "textbook" but can actually relate and provide real solutions to help you recover and move forward.  Let's not only talk - let's heal.  

From a client...

"....when I became ill after a recent trip to Cuba, and lost  feeling in literally half my lower body from the female genitalia,  buttocks and right side of my leg and was unable to feel anything on the  right side I became afraid, terrified actually, as the doctors could  not identify a reason for it or answer and likewise, my fear that I  would never be able to feel myself or reach orgasm again.

When  I told Alana about it, the first thing I felt from her was..."