Live the Life you are meant to!


Wholistic healing for Body, MInd, Spirit and Sex.

  • Body
    • Healing past sexual and/or emotional traumas or wounding.
    • Helping to overcome chronic conditions 
    • Enhancing ALL forms of pleasure in your life– sexual, emotional & spiritual!


  • Mind
    • Creating more self-confidence, self-connection & self-love
    • Feeling safe and empowered expressing your needs & desires
    • Having more peace of mind & balance in life


  • Spirit
    • Deepening emotional intimacy in your relationships
    • Feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you
    • Enhancing and strengthening intuitive abilities



I understand

Healing and Overcoming issues that involve our sexuality require a safe & confidential environment, and that includes the therapist.  I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that we can meet and you can ask questions.  Click below to arrange a consultation.    

Just a note:  I offer my services on a sliding scale to those who require it.  Please ask in your consultation.

For Women (Female Bodies)

Discover Your Feminine Power Within


You possess within you the most powerful energy for healing your own body, mind and spirit!  Women's Empowerment means embracing our sexuality instead of feeling judgement or shame!  It is your natural state of BE-ing. Your feminine power flows through you and with this course you will learn how to tap into it, cultivate it and use it to manifest healing and overcome blocks. 

  • Are you experiencing low or no libido?
  • Do you have difficulty orgasming with a partner?
  • Do you have emotional wounding due to trauma you have experienced?
  • Are you having trouble moving on after a break-up?
  • Are you suffering the effects of menopause?
  • Do you feel there must be more to intimacy and sex than what you have experienced?
  • Would you like to realize the spiritual in your sexual experiences?

My private courses will allow you the safe space to open and explore this energy within you and give you the tools you need to keep evolving into the fabulous woman you are meant to be.  

Your potential is limitless!  Were you aware that our  bodies are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasmic sensation, and we have as much (or more!) erectile tissue inside the genital area, as a man has externally.   So why is it that as many as 70% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm and at least 43% of women report having some form of sexual dysfunction?

This is due to experiences such as:

  • Sexual abuse or assault
  • Physical or mental or emotional  abuse
  • Relilgious or cultural conditioning
  • Feelings of guilt, fear and shame
  • Emotionally disconnected sex
  • Having sex out of duty or obligation

These and similar experiences can build up in our psyche and be held our body, impeding our ability to experience our full sexual potential. This translates into every aspect of our lives and our relationships. 

 The Tibetan Five Element practices as taught by Authentic Tantra®  Practitioners stem from what is referred to as “The Dakini Lineage.”  A  “Dakini” is a powerful female Buddha. 

Tantra Foundation Course

illustration by IATE

In this 5-session Tantra for women course you will learn the principles and pillars of Authentic Tantra along with the methods and practices you will need to awaken your orgasmic energy and cultivate your inner power.  It is this energy that will naturally start to purify and overcome blocks that are being held in the cells of the body and the nervous system.  This activation of your power within will also assist you in love and relationships.  Learn Tantra online with me and start experiencing the path to inner healing and growth.

Reveal the Dakini Within


This is a 7-session  intensive.  You will learn the basics and take them to the next level for spiritual and physical awakening.  Tune into your intuitive nature.  Learn and integrate the 5 elements with your 5 senses and 5 main energy centres of your body.  Learn secrets for sharing this energy with your partner and helping them open to their own orgasmic energy.

Sessions - $80/hour

(sliding scale available , please inquire)

More Courses...


The Dakini Lover Course

 Become the Master Lover.  Exercise your Dakini within and ignite the fire of your partner too!!  Includes "Master Dakini Kit" to help you in your Ultimate Bliss!


His Orgasmic Bliss

 Did you know that men are capable of being Multi-orgasmic?  They are capable of up to 9 different kinds of orgasm!  Men experience wounding throughout their lives too and they need more healing in order to open up to multiple and prolonged orgasm.  You can help your Lover do this.  You will learn the art of Lingam massage, Non-violent Communication (NVC) and more so  together you can experience bliss as you never have before!  


Overcoming Addiction

Authentic Tantra can assist you in overcoming addiction.  Porn & sex addictions and other addictions too!  Set up a consultation to discuss further.

Healing Sexual Trauma

Recent events, childhood (developmental) trauma, repeated abuse - Each of us respond to traumatic events differently and there is no timetable when it comes to recovery and healing.   

From a client...

"....when I became ill after a recent trip to Cuba, and lost  feeling in literally half my lower body from the female genitalia,  buttocks and right side of my leg and was unable to feel anything on the  right side I became afraid, terrified actually, as the doctors could  not identify a reason for it or answer and likewise, my fear that I  would never be able to feel myself or reach orgasm again.

When  I told Alana about it, the first thing I felt from her was that  anything was possible and I had nothing to worry about because she knew  what to do and would help me.    That positive affirmation....."