Tantra, a Timely Practice


What is Tantra?


Traditional Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice which originated in India several thousand years ago.

According  to  the oral instruction we have received from our Tibetan Buddhist  Lama,  Tantra is best understood as a form of yogic practice, which  includes  sexual and non-sexual teachings designed to transform human   consciousness, remove the veils of ignorance, and realize   ‘enlightenment’.

Traditional   Buddhist Tantra began with the Buddha Shakyamuni nearly 2,600 years  ago.  These teachings spread throughout South East Asia, China, and  Tibet.

The  word  ‘Tantra” literally means “to weave”.  Specifically, in the  Vajrayana  tradition, it means  ‘to weave light and sound with form.’  

In  this  definition of the word ‘Tantra’, the physical body represents  form,  light represents specific visualizations, and sound is  represented by  chanting mantric syllables.  

The  process of  weaving light and sound with form gives rise to a profound   transformation of human consciousness, and ultimately, the full   realization of enlightenment – which simply means ‘freedom from   suffering’.

According to the training we have received, this   “weaving of light and sound with form” is a defining principle of   authentic tantric practice in the Vajrayana Buddhist Tradition.

These ‘weaving’ practices are done at first non-sexually in order to build an understanding and relationship to the practice. 

They  can then  be applied to sexual experiences in order to consciously  utilize the  powerful energies generated during sexual pleasure. These  energies are then directed to healing and enriching body, mind, and  spirit.

In  the Western  world today, the word ‘Tantra’ is used to describe  anything from a  meditation class to an erotic massage, and yet the  underlying theme in  all forms of modern and traditional tantra practice  is the cultivation  of a freer, more balanced, more realized state of  consciousness.

According  to  our Tibetan Buddhist Teacher, Tantra is not a religion; it is a  holistic  lifestyle practice for integrating body, mind, spirit, and sex  so that  you can experience more happiness, more peace, more joy, more   connection, and more love in every area of your life.

In  the words of our Lama, “Your tantra practice should be improving the  quality of your everyday life in order to be effective”. ~ IATE



The  Institute of Authentic Tantra Education provides professional training in authentic lineage-based  Tantric healing methods.


"We are dedicated to providing ethical and effective Tantric  instruction to individuals and communities who are seeking a healthy,  balanced, and sacred approach to sex education. Our methods are rooted  in Tibetan Tantric Buddhist teachings designed to catalyze profound  healing and transformation in the body, mind, emotions, and sexuality.

These ancient lineage-based Tibetan Tantric practices are woven with  Taoist methods, yogic breathing, somatic science, and compassionate  communication (NVC), to produce a potent and effective modality for  sexual healing and personal realization. Unlike many styles of yoga and  meditation, the modality of Authentic Tantra® embraces human sexuality  and its innate potential for healing, when it is honored as sacred and  practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness."

 "Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners have completed 100 - 500+ hours of academic training, study, and/or practice in the field of Sexology and qualify to be ACS Certified Sexuality Educators. These Authentic Tantra® Practitioners are qualified and licensed by IATE to teach the modality of Authentic Tantra® and have signed and adhere to the Authentic Tantra® Code of Ethics in their work with clients."  


More about Authentic Tantra


Authentic  Tantra ® methods are rooted in  the Tibetan 5-Element Tantric  Teachings, which are ancient  shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan  and Bon traditions, designed to  balance, enrich, and heal the physical,  mental, emotional, and spiritual  body- from the inside out.

These teachings were transmitted to our Lama (Lama Tashi Dundrup)   by Kalu Rinpoche (1905 – May 10, 1989) over 40 years ago. The Tibetan   Five Element Teachings are part of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan   Buddhist Tantra. They have been passed down from Teacher to student as   part of an oral tradition dating back over 1,200 years.

The  Shangpa Kagyu lineage is said to have been founded by two women-   Sukhasiddhi and Niguma. These powerful women are said to have achieved   full realization of enlightenment and passed their teachings down   through oral (verbal) instruction and at times initiated their  disciples  through Tantric sexual union practices.

The  Shangpa Kagyu lineage is referred to as “the practice lineage”  because  this tradition emphasizes the realization of consciousness which   occurs through the actual practice of Tantra yoga methods, as opposed   to reading and debating the scholarly works of the tradition.

With  permission and blessings from our Lama, these traditional  Tibetan 5  Element Tantric Teachings have been woven into a holistic set  of sexual  and non-sexual methods to create a powerful and effective  modality for  healing and life transformation.

This modality is referred to as “Authentic Tantra®” because the  methods and orientation to practice are rooted in Tibetan  Buddhist  teachings on how to heal with the five elements and Vajrayana  tantric  practices. In this tradition, Tantra is understood to be a  “path of  healing and transformation”, and according to our Teacher,  authentic  tantric teachings should result in better health and wellness  of body,  mind, and spirit, in order to be useful and effective.

In  the Authentic Tantra® modality, the Tibetan Five Element Teachings   have been woven with contemporary cutting-edge knowledge about   sexuality, trauma, and holistic healing in order to create effective   methods for addressing the root causes of illness and suffering in our   modern world.

Authentic Tantra® methods are based upon what we refer to as “The 4 pillars of Authentic Tantra®”.

Authentic  Tantra ® is a  trademarked holistic healing modality designed to  awaken, heal, and integrate body, mind, spirit and sex.

 The methods you will discover can catalyze profound healing and transformation in the areas of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.    Authentic Tantra ® methods are rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings.   

The Tibetan 5 Element Teachings

  “The Vajrayana tradition teaches that every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment. At the peak of pleasure, the moving pranas in the genitals brush the central channel and we get a glimpse of enlightenment. This means that the human energy body is WIRED so that sexual pleasure is one of the fastest most direct paths to experiencing enlightened consciousness. Unfortunately for most people, the experience of orgasm is merely a glimpse, and they don’t have access to methods or tools for a) recognizing that glimpse of pure bliss awareness that presents itself b) extending that peak for more than a few seconds or c) weaving that state of consciousness into daily activity.


Enter the Tibetan Five Element Sexual Yogas. The T5T's are authentic, lineage based teachings on how to harness human sexual energy, direct it up and through the central channel, circulating it throughout the energy body while enriching and energizing all the the chakras, nadis, and channels. Essentially you are using the potent energy of your sexual pleasure to enrich your ENTIRE energy body! What do you think this would do?


Here’s what is taught - This process of harnessing your sexual energy in this way catalyzes the healing of deep blocks and knots in the channels, thereby profoundly accelerating your path of realization. The result of fewer blocks and knots in the channels is better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Additionally, the non-sexual five element meditations cultivate your ability to relax and be present in all areas of life, particularly the high state of orgasmic bliss, as well as working on enriching and balancing your subtle energy body to prepare it for the movement of sexual energy through the channels. The process I just described above is authentic tantric sexual yoga practice. WE TEACH THESE METHODS. Your sexual energy is the MOST potent energy on this planet. Your sexual energy has the potential to CREATE LIFE. That is an unfathomable amount of energy that you have never been taught how to access. Understanding how to use that energy for your own healing and spiritual growth IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT.” ~ The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

Illustration by The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

Illustration by The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

 Lama Tashi Dundrup talks about sexual shamanism in the Tantra tradition! 

Tantra Courses with Alana

  "Working with Alana has been a wonderful gift and has helped me learn some beautiful fundamental practices to mindfully bring the sacred into my sexual experiences.  Her grounded beauty and charm will leave you feeling at ease the moment you meet her.  She has helped me open to the pleasures of my life and heart.  I am grateful for her presence and guidance." ~ Christopher B.