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Recommended Reading:


Shake Your Soul Song

"A Woman's Guide to Self-Empowerment through the Art of Self-Pleasure" by Devi Ward

The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity

"A Modern Practical  Guide to the Ancient Way" by Daniel P. Reid


Healing with Form , Energy and Light

"The 5 Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra, and Dzogchen"  by Tenzin Wangyal

I also recommend...

Yoni Balls

Polar Jade Corp.

 Rose Quartz Yoni Balls for Yoni Yoga Practice.  Strengthens Pelvic Floor and Vagina, reduce incontinence and help increase intensity of orgasms!

Aloe Cadabra Lube


 As Natural as Nature!  Aloe Cadabra is an all-natural organic personal lubricant that contains  95% organic Aloe Vera in every tube.  For men, women and couples.  Soothing, effective and healing – ideal for  women who struggle with vaginal pain.   

Almost Naked


Good Clean Love almost Naked Personal Lubricant.  Organic and Aloe based.  For even the most sensitive skin types.  Great for solo and partner play!  Use for your Tantric Masturbation and Orgasmic Awareness Practice!

Meditation Malas, Meaningful Jewelry & Marvelous Baubles

5 Element Meditation Mala

Joey Dee Creations

Artist Joanne Dyer has a beautiful spirit and puts loving intention into every piece she creates. Her gift for creating purposeful and meaningful pieces can be seen and felt in the energy of what she creates.  She has an eye for colour and a knowledge of how each stone and crystal work with an energy and intention of their own.   

From meditation malas, 5 Element and Chakra jewelry to pieces that will bring beauty and energy to your room or vehicle - you will find something that fits you. 


A beautiful feature of many of the pieces is Aromatherapy.  With  the aromatherapy beads (wooden or lava stone), you can add you favorite essential oil to the bracelet, necklace car charm or any of these pieces!   An alternative to smelly and toxic car and room fresheners or perfumes and so much better for you and the environment!

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