Partner Tantra

Uniting your Sexuality with Spirituality


 What do you yearn for in your relationships?  Do you feel you are missing something, wondering if there is something more?  What do you crave with your partner?

Would you like to be able to communicate your thoughts and desires to your partner without fear or shame?   Were you aware that 9 out of 10 couples report that they desire more intimacy with their partner in the bedroom as well as out of the bedroom?  Did you know that 80% of women have faked orgasm and confess that they still do?  70% of men desire to last longer and 65% report ejaculating within the first 2-7 minutes of penetration.  The statistics go on.  Authentic Tantra can change all of this. Not at all like the usual counseling you will find, Tantra will bring you connection, pleasure and healing that you have never experienced before AND help you become more fulfilled  in life!

What do you Yearn for in your Relationship?

Ignite a new passion

Tantric Journey

Are you looking for something new to "spice things up?"  Did you know women are capable of up to 11 different kinds of orgasm?  And men ... you are capable of up to 9 different kinds of orgasm!  Learn to awaken and cultivate these in yourself and each other.  You will experience greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom and discover new heights of bliss.  

 In this 4-session course you will learn  intimacy exercises as well as powerful connection and communication practices.  

Discover you sexual energy centre (Chakra) and it's  corresponding FIRE Element!

You will learn to get what you both desire - in and out of the bedroom. 


These are  proven methods and practices to positively affect your:

COMMUNICATION - Would you like to be able to communicate with your partner more easily, without fear or judgement?

CONNECTION - Do you crave a deeper connection and energy with your partner?

INTIMACY AND SEX -  Do you desire greater intimacy in and out of the bedroom?  How about better sex, more often and with bigger orgasms for you BOTH?

Authentic Tantra naturally nurtures the connection and communication in your relationship.

An alternative to traditional "relationship counseling" or couples therapy, Tantra gives you the tools to affect change quickly and heal you both without all the rehashing and mental anguish that often comes with typical therapy. 

This course consists of 4  sessions of 1-1.5 hours each, plus regular check-ins with me, PDF materials and MP3.  PLUS Ongoing support after your course is finished.)


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Tantric Bliss for Lovers

 This 7-session course starts with everything in the  "Tantric Journey for Partners" course above PLUS full guided instruction on Tantric Massage including Lingam and/or Yoni massage (performed on silicone models).


This course is for you and your lover to  explore your newfound  connection and communication and your Tantric  energy.  Then, through sensual and loving touch and the art of Tantric Massage you  will awaken all 5 senses to take you and your partner to amazing heights of healing and bliss. You will learn the art of Yoni and/or Lingam massage including details of the female and/or male sexual anatomy and how orgasm can unlock healing and remove individual blocks.and blocks in your relationship

* Includes "Bliss Kit" for your home play along with PDF written materials and diagrams and an MP3 of guided visualization/meditation.   This course also  includes ongoing support after your course is finished!


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Tantra Date Night!

Looking for something new for your Date Night?


Learn how to open to the 5 Element through the 5 senses, how to create your "Tantric Temple" and some Basics of Partner Tantra, including Tantric Touch, Tantric Connection & Tantric Communication

This is a playful evening or afternoon that will give you a taste of Tantra and will give you practices you can begin to use right away! 

2 Hours - $189

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  ”Alana is a great human being. She made us feel at ease the first time we met her. Her counselling has helped us figure out areas to work to improve our personal and intimate life and learnt to explore new ideas to connect as a couple. Alana is caring and extremely passionate about the work she does." ~ G & E

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As with all of my courses, I tailor them to you and your life.  Email me to find out more!

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Tantra for Love & for LIFE!

Pleasure is Medicine

 Authentic Tantra edducation and coaching offer you a step- by- step guide to harnessing sexual energy & using sensual awareness to access better emotional, mental & physical health.You will learn practical, effective, and FUN Partner Tantra practices for:


Healing past sexual and/or emotional traumas or wounding.

Experiencing more pleasure and female orgasm easily and naturally!

Enhancing ALL forms of pleasure in your life– sexual, emotional & spiritual!


Creating more self-confidence, self-connection & self-love

Feeling safe and empowered expressing your sexual needs & desires

Having more peace of mind & balance in life


Deepening emotional intimacy in your relationships

Feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you

Enhancing and strengthening intuitive abilities


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