Discover your Sacred Sexuality

Liberation through Expansion


 When it comes to your intimacy, your sensuality, and your SEXuality:

What you yearn for?  

What do you crave?

  • Do you desire deeper intimacy with a partner?
  • Would you like to be a better lover?
  • Would you like to last longer?
  • Do you wish to overcome sexual dysfunction such as Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation (ED & PE) or porn addiction or sex addiction?
  • Would you like help with self esteem, emotional trauma or other "blocks?"
  • Would you like to learn Tantra so you can "add to your sexual toolbox?"
  • Are you seeking a deeper spiritual practice?

Though Authentic Tantra is about healing or overcoming dysfunction and blocks it is so much more! 

Men's Tantra coaching & counseling can help you discover your true power within.   When you learn Authentic Tantra online with me, you will learn how you are capable of prolonged and bigger orgasm than you have experienced or been led to believe.  You will learn how men are capable of up to 8 different kinds of orgasm.  You will learn the path of your orgasm and much more.

The Infrastructure Course


“Enlightenment” in the Buddhist tradition simply means “freedom from suffering.”  As humans, when are we truly free from some sort of suffering of the mind or body?  Think of your typical day… you are constantly inundated by stress at some level. That “monkey mind” is always nattering, making us think of the past, worrying about the future - never allowing us to be fully in the present moment. This ability for humans to multi-task can be very useful in some cases, however, to live in this constant state of stress can lead to anxiety, depression, social disorders, and more including physical ailments and dis-ease. 

It is imperative to your health and longevity to release yourself from this state on a regular basis. Then your body can regenerate, your mind can find peace. Then you will find you have even more energy and strength - and then you have more to share.

Authentic Tantra is an ancient practice and  a modern science – it  is “medicine” for your body, mind and spirit. This course will give you the infrastructure, the foundation that will naturally open the energy centres in your body.

(This course is 5- sessions, each session is approximately 1.5 hours .


Orgasm Mastery Course

Nervous system Man


The power within you that I refer to is your orgasmic energy.   In the Infrastructure course you learn to awaken and realize this energy.  The Orgasm Mastery course  teach you how to exercise and use your Fire Element Chakra (sex chakra).   It includes everything described in the Infrastructure course and teaches you how to take that and use it to become multi-orgasmic.  Did you know that male bodies are capable of up to 9 different kinds of orgasm? And you thought you only got that one, ejaculatory orgasm! Think again. That's what you have been led to believe.

Some Buddhist masters say that “every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment.”  In this tradition Enlightenment simply means “freedom from suffering.” Think of that moment of orgasm – the bliss, the “timeless-ness” of the moment – the peace.  What if you could make that moment last longer, have it be bigger, expansive, and healing - for you and your partner.  Yes, it is possible, and guess what? It is your true nature. 

(This course is 7 sessions, each session is approximately 1.5 hours.

What about GIVING Pleasure and sharing Tantric Energy with a partner?

Scroll down to see the "Tantric Lover"course


 Are you ready to take charge of your Life?  Are you ready to bring healing from the core of your BE-ing?  Tantra is the art of “Weaving Light and Sound with Form.”  The 5 Elements make up the Universe and all human beings.  We are made of the 5 Elements.  Tantra works with our core energy to bring about healing and transformation by overcoming blocks that each and every human on this planet holds and which prevent us from enjoying the bliss that is available to us.  Tantra is the ultimate couples therapy and can assist in your personal journey too.   Are you ready to to heal Your blocks? Are you ready to Live your Bliss? 

* Online therapy also available.

More Courses & Sessions

Tantric Lover


This is a 9-Session Course, each session is approximately 1.5 hours.

You will start with the Infrastructure course, The Orgasm Mastery  course, and then:


Discover the Bliss of of giving and sharing pleasure and orgasm with your partner

Learn how easily & lovingly communicate what you desire and what your crave.  The Connection, Communication, Sensuality and BLISS of Tantra with your partner can be mind blowing!

Learn  the art of giving Yoni massage to your partner for the pleasure and healing of you both!  

This course also includes my"Tantric Lover Kit" that is valued at over $150!

Total Cost for this course is only $889



The courses described are a basic outline and are always adapted to suit the individual, no matter your gender identity.  

Human sexuality is as diverse and as sensual as the human beings on this planet and needs to be celebrated!    

Let me be a safe space for you to learn, to explore, to be heard, and to heal.

A consultation will give both of us a better understanding of what your want and need and how I can help.

Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction leads to many sexual dysfunctions including Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation, relationship issues and much more.  Authentic Tantra can help!  

Here's what  a client who was experiencing sever erectile dysfunction as a result of porn addiction had to say:

"Hey  Alana. Just an update. I've been following all your instructions  religiously, and I feel great. My erections have never been stronger. I  can have multiple orgasms during sex without cumming, and when I do cum  it's so powerful and feels amazing. I can last as long as I want to!  Very happy!!" ~ Andrew S.

 "I  saw Alana because I was struggling with anorgasmia; a common side  effect of antidepressant medication. Through the mental and physical  retraining of my body, Alana's tantric guidance not only mitigated this  entirely physical, chemically induced problem; but her teachings  massively improved the strength and duration of my orgasms.   I'm a  skeptical person. I have a hard time relating to things like chakras.  But the mental and physical exercises Alana taught me over the course of  four sessions just worked, pure and simple. The practice I now do on my  own continues to nurture and increase those benefits: I'm more deeply  connected to my body both in terms of depth of sensation, and increased  control.   I'd advise anyone who wants to improve their sex life to  visit Alana for tantric coaching, but more than that, I'd genuinely urge  anyone trying to overcome an issue like anorgasmia to let her help.  She's a magnetic and erudite teacher, but she's also a super chill  human. It's been a pleasure to learn from her." ~ James V. 


Discovery Session

Not sure about a multi-session course? Book a single session to help you find your path.  Approximately 1  5 -2 hours.      $125


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If you have a laptop, smartphone or other device - you can learn Tantra with me!  These are NOT per-recorded, "one size fits all" courses.  These are LIVE one-on-one video sessions that are designed for you.  We can begin with a video or phone  consultation to determine your unique needs and goals and then we can proceed with one of the courses as outlined below.

Questions?  Message me to find out more!

** Sessions available in-person in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada **