BE Well

I am blessed to have studied with many teachers and mentors in my lifetime.  My 15+ years of healing experience afford me the balance of intuition and practicality.   

I believe we all have within us the strength to overcome, the energy to evolve, the power to heal and the will to THRIVE.  We are all part of this vast universe, we are one. 

 Be. Be Human. Be Divine. Be Love.


Whol-istic Healing

I believe in a "Whol-istic" approach to healing.  Looking at the entire person - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually - in order to overcome blocks, and heal body, mind and spirit.   The methods I incorporate  include  Authentic Tantra methods, Intuitive Counseling & Coaching, Intuitive Energy work,  Sound healing and  Reiki. 


Certified Authentic Tantra Educator

  Certified in Authentic Tantra - 2015.


"Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners have completed over 300 hours of academic training, study, and/or practice in the field of Sexology and qualify to be ACS Certified Sexuality Educators.

These Authentic Tantra® Practitioners are qualified and licensed by IATE to teach the modality of Authentic Tantra® and have signed and adhere to the Authentic Tantra® Code of Ethics in their work with clients." ~ Institute of Authentic Tantra Education".

About Me

Hello! Hola! Salut! Aloha! Bonjour!

I'm so happy to meet you!

While I am not a Buddhist, my main area of study and practice include Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan 5 element Tantra as taught through the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education (IATE).

I am an Authentic Tantra Practitioner and Educator, an  ACS Certified Sexologist  and  Reiki practitioner.  I specialize in Sexuality education, Tantra, and Somatic Touch.  I can assist you with Couples coaching, Intimacy coaching,, healing sexual & developmental trauma, overcoming sexual dysfunction , overcoming anxiety and depression, and more.

So what has brought me to this path of healing and to help "ease suffering?"  My life has led me on many journeys, both geographical and spiritual.  I often say that I feel as though I have lived many lives in this current life.  

Once upon a time  I was a huge consumer who was very concerned about what others thought of me.  This emotional condition resulted in me being uptight and somewhat of a "control freak."  Those who knew me back then will attest to this (just ask my brothers!).  In my early teens I was insecure and shy and often picked on.   I am sure many can relate.  As I grew in to young adulthood, I was  thought to be a "snob" due to this shyness.   As many know,, the human tendency is to judge and ridicule what we do not understand.

 I was in my mid 20’s when I realized that the teachings I grew up with were unfounded and designed to keep me in a state of fear as a means of control (as with most organized religions).  As a child I was taught that “fear of God” and “long suffering kindness” were qualities and practices to be cultivated. Being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness meant being very different from anyone who was not a JW. This led to judgement, ridicule and persecution that was traumatic and left deep scars as did the dogma of the religion.

Upon losing some of the fear ingrained in me since childhood surrounding spirituality, meditation and even yoga, I began to remember and recognize aspects of my true nature, of my Human-Being.

Much of my own healing and spiritual journey began while  in Central America and this journey continues.  One of my first mentors and teachers was a Hindu woman and a clairvoyant who helped me open to the world of meditation and yoga and to my own gifts.  I have since,had many teachers and guides who taught me many forms of healing and spirituality.  I now understand and appreciate that that even people in my life who were not so easily recognizable to me as “teachers” at the time, taught me much by simply being “mirrors” and by helping me exercise patience, forgiveness, and loving kindness.   (Compassion).

After being in Belize for a few years, and after my second divorce, I met a beautiful Canadian man, a Shaman, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher.  Then thirty-one, he had started practicing meditation spontaneously at the age of eight. He studied and practiced many Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, along with other esoteric teachings such as the tradition of Dzogchen, Bon and the Indigenous cultures of his homeland in Canada.

I was seeking and searching and desperately wanted to know about the Universe and what my place was in it.  He taught me therapeutic massage and energy healing, declaring he was only awakening these gifts within me that I took to so naturally. We read and studied Taoist sexual Yoga and Tibetan Tantra together. A whole new world opened up to me in the form of healing and spirituality. I experienced my first big personal Tantra healing though using these methods in union together and realized that this was the most powerful healing I had ever experienced. I could feel it deep down in my core, in my soul. 

When I returned to Canada unexpectedly, I realized that this Tantra path I had embarked on was very powerful medicine. Medicine that could be used to further heal, not only my broken body, but my spirit by overcoming blocks held from past emotional traumas and wounding.  And most exciting to me was the fact that I could help others to heal the same within them!

I began to look for “Legitimate Teachers” of Tantra. I was looking for authenticity and teachings that corresponded to what  I had learned thus far.  I encountered many forms of Tantra (or those claiming to be Tantra) when I began searching. Everything from Neo-Tantra, different forms Hindu Tantra and people claiming to be Tantra sex teachers or just “Tantric” (really unsure themselves as to what they were doing) to people using the buzzword of “Tantra” to promote erotic massage or to feed their own personal sexual appetite. Discouraged, I asked the Universe/god for guidance. 

And then I came across a site for Tibetan Tantra learning.  It  spoke of practices and methods I was familiar with and more importantly resonated with me. I immediately enrolled in one of their on-line educational courses, completed it and was convinced that this was authentic and was what I was searching for and I was ready to learn more. 

They announced a teacher training course!  I was overjoyed!  I followed my path and signed up for this Tibetan Tantra (now The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education) training!  This in-depth training included the pillars of Tibetan Tantra – Meditation, Movement, Connection and Pleasure. Devi Ward, the founder of IATE, was my  teacher and I am proud to say that I am a graduate of IATE and an Authentic Tantra Educator and Practitioner since 2015. I follow a strict code of ethics set out by IATE and participate in ongoing continuing education with the institute and re-certification each year. 

I feel very blessed and am honored to have shared and provided Authentic Tantra Education to so many beloved souls. Their stories and testimonials bring me tears of Joy and make my heart burst with gratitude and appreciation. 

I am Canadian gal,  I lived nine years in Central America, I now reside in Canada once again.  My diverse heritage includes Celtic and Metis.  

I currently live on the  Bird River in beautiful Manitoba, Canada with my loving and supportive partner, Vince. 

I am truly blessed indeed!