Alana Dayne

"The wound is the place 

where the light enters you."   

~ Rumi

Holistic Healing

Alana Dayne

"The wound is the place 

where the light enters you."   

~ Rumi

Holistic Healing

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Holistic Healing for Body, Mind & Sex


The human body is an amazing thing!  But in this day and age, especially here in the western world, our bodies and our spirit are inundated daily with stress and pressure.  Pressure to do more, achieve more, make more money, etc.  We have forgotten that self-care and self-love are essential to our well being and the key to flourishing, as opposed to just existing.

Our body and our brain work together to deal with our everyday issues, demands & expectations.  However, we often give in to that "monkey mind" - overthinking, regretting, worrying.  This triggers our nervous system to react by releasing  hormones and chemicals  into the body that are meant for our "fight or flight" response.  This ongoing and repeated  response  is  harmful to our physical, mental,  and emotional well being, and can manifest in  many different ways.  These may include  low libido and other sexual dysfunctions, dis-ease, addiction, chronic health conditions, emotional issues, and more.  

"Re-wiring" the  the nervous system is possible and in doing so, you will realize  your own power within to help heal the issues that are holding you back.  


What issues are you struggling with?  

Are you searching for alternative and holistic healing methods to help with any of the following:

  • Help with anxiety or depression?  
  • Overcoming the effects of sexual, emotional or physical trauma?
  • Addiction 
  • Sexual Dysfunction 
  • Your Relationship
  • Dating

 Would you like  the opportunity to talk with someone  openly, in a safe environment, without fear of judgement or shame?    

Are you seeking a spiritual practice?

Would you like to merge your sexuality with your spirituality and cultivate a sacred sexual practice?


As an ACS Certified Sexologist and Authentic Tantra Practitioner & Educator,  I incorporate Tantra Education,  somatic touch sound healing, and personal counseling and coaching, to help you heal the wounds and blocks that you hold within, so that you may finally  experience the true joy and bliss of your existence.   


I provide individualized coaching and counseling for intimacy issues, relationships, emotional or sexual dysfunction, dating and other personal and relational issues..  Let me provide you with the tools to overcome issues you are facing and help you find your own power within.  

 Book a free private consultation and we can talk about your own personal journey and how I may be able to assist. 

Learn Tantra


Authentic Tantra  is for for individuals , couples and relationships of all diversities and  identities.  There are many reasons  to learn Tantra ~  to bring the sacred to into your intimacy,  discover the healing power of your orgasmic energy, or add to our "toolbox."    Authentic Tantra can enhance your life and your love!  Authentic Tantra can help you discover and embrace the beautiful human BE-ing that you truly are.  

Pleasure is Healing, sacred sexual practices can be medicine for our wounded souls.   



In this Tibetan based lineage, we practice for the benefit of ALL BE-ings!

Would you like to learn Authentic Tantra together as a couple to add some spice to your relationship??  Fantastic!  Learning Tantra and somatic touch  can be a sensual, spiritual and FUN journey for you both!  I would be honored to  help you deepen your intimacy and connection with each other, as well as overcome issues that you may be facing together. 

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