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"You, more than anyone in the universe, deserve your Love and Affection."

 ~ Buddha


Counseling & Coaching

What are your goals?  What would you like to accomplish or change in your life?  What issues are you struggling with?  Would you like  the opportunity to talk with someone  openly, in a safe environment, without fear of judgement or shame?    As an ACS Certified Sexologist and Authentic Tantra Practitioner & Educator,  

I provide coaching and counseling for intimacy issues, relationships, emotional or sexual dysfunction and general Life Coaching.  I can provide you with the tools to overcome issues you are facing and help you find your own power within.  

I love working with couples and can help you deepen your intimacy and connection with each other, as well as overcome issues that you may be facing together.  Would you like to learn Authentic Tantra together to add some spice to your relationship??  Fantastic!  Learning Authentic Tantra (R) can be a sensual, spiritual and FUN journey for you both!

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Elemental Tantra by Alana Dayne

 Are you ready to take charge of your Life?  Are you ready to bring healing from the core of your BE-ing?  Tantra is the art of “Weaving Light and Sound with Form.”  The 5 Elements make up the Universe and all human beings.  We are made of the 5 Elements.  Tantra works with our core energy to bring about healing and transformation by overcoming blocks that each and every human on this planet holds and which prevent us from enjoying the bliss that is available to us.  Tantra is the ultimate couples therapy and can assist in your personal journey too.   Are you ready to to heal Your blocks? Are you ready to Live your Bliss? 

* Online therapy also available.

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What do you need?


You are unique and therefore  Your course of healing should be unique to you and your life.   Over my 15+ years of working with different healing modalities, coaching and counseling clients, I have discovered that Authentic Tantra is the most powerful modality for overcoming anxiety, healing sexual dysfunction (such as ED in men or inability to orgasm in women)  and almost any issue you are facing in your life!   I work with with you to create a path that works with your own personal needs and goals.  

You can learn Tantra online with me via live video from anywhere in the world!

Your Body-Mind Connection


The nervous system and the brain work together to deal with our everyday issues, demands & expectations.  Stress and trauma to the body, the mind or both will adversely affect the nervous system and result in stress to the body.  This manifests as dis-ease, addiction, chronic conditions, emotional issues, and more.  

Re-training the nervous system through the art of Authentic Tantra will release the blocks held in the  body and help relieve these issues.

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Tibetan 5 Element Meditation


Authentic Tantra is not all about sex. 

Tantra  can be practiced as a Spiritual Path, non-sexually.


Authentic  Tantra ® methods are rooted in  the Tibetan 5-Element Tantric  Teachings, which are ancient  shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan  and Bon traditions, designed to  balance, enrich, and heal the physical,  mental, emotional, and spiritual  body- from the inside out. 

Learn more about Authentic Tantra and perhaps you would like to book a Meditation Course.

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What people are saying.....

 ""I'm a very shy person by nature so when I first saw Alana I was intimidated by her beauty but she quickly made me feel comfortable and safe. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she truly cares about helping people, I am very grateful she chose her path to help others. I highly recommend Alana".   ~ Richard 

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On-line or in person

You can book any of my Tantra courses & sessions to be taken on-line via live video OR in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

By Appointment

Alana Dayne

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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